Cigees E-Liquid Review

Cigees E-Liquid

Cigees is gradually emerging amid the throng of e-liquid manufacturers in the world. There are around 14 flavours available in their repertoire, which is a little on the low side for me.

While other brands are increasing their price bracket significantly on account of innovative flavours, Cigees has maintained their pricing so that everyone can enjoy a decent vaping experience without worrying about the cost.

Cigees offers e-liquids in varying nicotine strengths. You could use these to help curb your smoking habit  by gradually decreasing your nicotine content until you’ve kicked your smoking habit for good.

The flavours range from tobacco to sweet and mild flavours like coconut. They also have a number of novelty flavours that are Cigees’ speciality. These include vanilla, chocolate, coffee and Boston cream pie.


Cigees offers a variety of 14 flavours in 10 ml bottles for refilling purposes, which is relatively low when compared to most other e-liquid suppliers.

Each bottle has vaporizing agents as well as flavourings such as tobacco, menthol, cherry and coffee which you can pick up with 0mg of nicotine and above.

Some of their other flavours such as menthol extra, cappuccino, liquorice, apple , orange, strawberry, vanilla, cigar, whiskey and chocolate are only available with a higher concentration of nicotine (16mg), which is a a huge blow to many including myself since I usually vape at 6-12mg.

If you don’t mind this strength of nicotine, these flavours work really well. While I’m not a tobacco flavour kinda guy, the tobacco flavour did have a nice crispness to it.

I really like my fruity flavours. I found the orange flavour to be a little bitter for me, but the cherry, strawberry and apple were awesome. Unfortunately, since the nicotine strength was too high for my liking I didn’t vape them for very long. Instead I gave them to a friend who vapes at a higher nicotine level, and his feedback on the flavour was also positive.

Cigees E-Liquid Flavours

There are varying nicotine strengths available in the Cigees brand. Exercise a little caution when choosing strengths though, because a high nicotine strength might work well with a tobacco flavour, but may seem overpowering with strawberry.

You’ll find four different nicotine strengths available for Menthol and Tobacco: 16mg, 11mg, and 6mg and zero nicotine. All the other flavours only come in 16mg.


If you opt to buy a pack of 10 e-liquids in 10 ml, it will cost you around £37.80 making the cost per 10ml just £3.78. Otherwise, a single e-liquid is listed for £4.20.

Due to their popularity you might find some of the e-liquids have sold out at the discounted price at times so be sure to keep checking if this is the case.

You can still save 10% if you buy a pack of 10 e-liquids, which is a pretty good deal still.

Shipping in the UK will cost you anything from around £2.20 to £3.75. In order to qualify for free shipping you’ll have to spend over £50. This is quite a high order amount for free postage, and if you haven’t already tried their e-liquids I wouldn’t advise doing this unless you buddy up with some friends to place a larger order.

  • Good Quality E-Liquids
  • Bulk Discounts Available

  • Variety of Flavours
  • Limited Number of Nicotine Strengths


Cigees provides good quality e-liquids at reasonable prices, but the variety of flavours is on the low side.

This is further let down by the limited nicotine strengths you get to choose from in most of their range.

Overall, you should be more than happy with the selection of e-liquids and their pricing if you don’t mind vaping at medium to high nicotine strengths.

Otherwise I’d recommend looking elsewhere.