Council of Vapor Mini Volt Box Mod Review

Mini Volt

Good things come in small packages, and the Mini Volt is no exception. If stealth vaping is your thing, this device is perfect.

Capable of putting out 40 watts of power shows that size indeed doesn’t matter. Except for battery life.

Nevertheless, the Mini Volt is a fantastic piece of vape tech that any vaper, advanced or beginner, would want to have one in their stable of mods.


The device comes in a nice box that’s more than three times the size of the mod itself.

The reason for this disparity is because the box also includes a USB charging cable and manual, which apparently take up more space than the mod itself.

This says a lot about how tiny the Mini Volt is.  The mod itself is made of sturdy metal, with a carbon fibre sticker splayed across the front of the device.

The mod I have here is coloured white, which contrasts nicely with the black carbon fibre. Other colours available include black, gun metal, and red.

Everything about the mod screams quality. From the design to its sturdiness and heft – which is surprising given the size of the mod.

The buttons are made of plastic though it doesn’t feel cheap in the hand.

Council of Vapor Mini Volt

  • 1 x Council of Vapor Mini Volt Box Mod
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual


  • 40W Max Output
  • Internal 1200mAh Battery
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance of 0.2ohm
  • 510 Thread Connector
  • Carbon Fibre Grip
  • 3 Different Power Level Settings; Power, Standard and Soft
  • Height: 55mm
  • Width: 22mm
  • Length: 34mm


The Mini Volt is a variable wattage device, meaning you adjust the output in watts rather than voltage. To adjust the wattage, you press the fire button together with the up button at the same time.

When the wattage indicator flashes, you can then adjust. The Mini Volt also has a feature called “Power Boost.” It seems gimmicky, and I personally haven’t used it extensively save for testing. I just leave it on standard and call it a day.

To adjust Power Boost, simply press the fire button with the down button simultaneously then once the screen flashes, you can adjust using the up and down buttons.

To turn the unit off, you simply click the fire button five times. To turn it back on, click it again five times.

To avoid accidental misfires, the Mini Volt has an auto shut off feature, which kicks in after about ten minutes of inactivity. While this is meant to be a safety feature, it can get irritating at times when you simply want to take a break in between puffs.

Every time the mod sleeps, one has to click the fire button five times to turn it on again. It’s no big deal, but it can get irksome.

The mod can handle atomisers down to 0.2 ohms and can put out 40 watts of power. However, using it to its upper limits will make for very short vape times given the rather tiny 1300 mah battery.

Vaping in between 0.8 ohms to 1.5 ohms at about 20 watts can give decent all-day vape times, but of course, your mileage may vary.

The Mini Volt is definitely not meant to be your main device, but rather, a backup for stealth vaping. Using it may be simple enough for advanced vapers, but newbies might find it confusing.

If for some reason you want to make the Mini Volt your main device, be prepared to shell out for two unit and a power bank for on-the-go charging.

Mini Volt by Council of Vapor

The display on the Mini Volt is tiny, as you’d expect. But it does show the necessary information well.

ON the screen, you can see how much battery is left, what wattage it is set to, your atomiser’s ohm reading, as well as the power boost status: Soft, Standard or Power.

Not much else can be said about the screen but it does its job well.


Given the diminutive stature of the Mini Volt, one should not expect all day vaping times with it. Though 1300 mah may seem enough, trust me, it isn’t.

The Li-Po battery is built-in, meaning you can’t swap it out when it runs out, so you’re stuck with what you have. This makes the device perfect as a backup, but horrid as a main device.


  • Auto shut-off can get irritating
  • Battery life could be better
  • Buttons rattle (but this is just nitpicking)


  • Tiny size for stealth vaping
  • Superb build quality
  • Can handle sub-ohm builds/atomisers
  • Available in different colours
  • Affordable


The Mini Volt is a superb piece of vape engineering and Council of Vapor should be applauded for producing such a beautiful device.

The size is perfect for stealth vaping, and the power it can put out is on par with larger, more expensive devices.

The battery life may not be enough for all-day vaping, but if you use it for stealth vaping, chances are you’ll use high ohm builds at low wattages anyway.

Nevertheless, the Mini Volt is perfect as an out-and-about stealth device and as backup for your main, larger mod.

If you’ve never owned an e-cig of any kind, you may find using it a tad confusing at first but you should get used ot its functions pretty easily.

Whether you’re a new or more experienced vaper, if you’re looking for a tiny, stealthy mod, the Mini Volt is tough to beat, especially at its price point.