Drumstick E-Liquid by Jackamoo Juice Review

Drumstick E-Liquid

I think it’s fair to say that drumstick lollies were one of my favourite sweets as a kid. The sweet taste of milk and raspberry is something that has stuck with me over the years.

To this day I still find myself buying the good ol’ drumsticks and the new Squashies that have become really popular for kids and adults alike in recent years.

I absolutely love ’em!

My love of drumstick has led me to seek an e-liquid that resembles their flavour.

I’ve tried a couple that I’ve found online, but up til recently those I tried didn’t taste like the real drumstick sweets I’m used to. A couple were close, but they didn’t quite work.

They either had too much raspberry flavouring or quite frankly tasted like something completely different.

This was until I found Jackamoo Juice who make a Drumstick Lolly e-liquid that I can’t stop vaping!

Let’s take a closer look….


Okay, so the big question…how does it taste?

It is without doubt the closest tasting e-liquid to the drumstick lolly flavour I’ve had, by a long shot.

I’m not sure you can get too much closer to the taste without sucking on an actual sweet.

The flavour is just perfect.

The mix is 70% VG and 30% PG, and I went with the 3mg. There are no alternative options for a VG/PG mix, but you can opt for more nicotine or go nicotine-free.

There are no strange aftertastes, the inhale and exhale gives a nice strong drumstick flavour and I can’t stop vaping it!

I’d like to point out that I’ve only tried this e-liquid at 3mg so the flavour may or may not be as good with a higher strength of nicotine.


On to the next most important thing…the price.

At the time of writing this there are four price options depending on the size you go for:

  • 10ml is £3.00 + Shipping
  • 30ml is £5.00 + Shipping
  • 50ml is £8.00 + Shipping
  • 100ml is £13.50 + Shipping

I was more than happy with these prices, but it gets better!

Jackamoo offer a “Specials” section where you can get this e-juice even cheaper if you buy more.

Here are the Specials prices…

  • 4 x 10ml is £10.00 + Shipping
  • 3 x 50ml is £20.00 + Shipping
  • 2 x 100ml is £26.00 + Free Shipping Using Code FREE25

Any spend over £25.00 qualifies for free shipping, but you have to enter the coupon code in manually in order to get the free postage discount.

Unfortunately, if your basket totals £25 or more, it doesn’t add the postage discount automatically like it does on some other websites.

Keep this in mind or you may end up paying for postage you could have got away with!


Without hesitation, yes.

The service I received after ordering was excellent.

The flavour is just right, and the quality of the juice is as good many of the premium juices I’ve bought from shops and other online companies.

And there’s the price.

Even if I had bought 10ml and paid for postage, it would have still been a reasonable price.

I went for 2 x 100ml bottles using their specials offer, which came to just £26 + free postage.

That works out at just £1.30 per 10ml, which is pretty damn good if you ask me.

The only slight con I have is that the website is very basic and could be improved in some areas.

Having said this, it is easy to navigate, pretty clear and, more importantly, easy enough to place an order.

I should point out that at the time of writing this review they do only accept payment via paypal.

If you don’t have a paypal account you can sign in as a ‘guest’ and use your debit / credit card to complete the order.

Oh yeah, delivery was fast too.

Well done, Jackamoo!

Have you tried any drumstick e-liquids? Are there any you’d recommend trying? Let us know in the comments below…