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  • Are you a full-time or part-time vaper?
  • How did you get into vaping?
  • What was your first e-cig?
  • Why do you vape?
  • How long have you been vaping?
  • Have you had success vaping?
  • What do you like or dislike about vaping?
  • What type of device do you prefer (cig-a-like, vape pen, MOD) and why?
  • What model(s) are you currently vaping?
  • What flavour e-liquids do you prefer?
  • What advice would you give to anyone thinking of making the switch to vaping?

  • carlos

    I started smoking the occasional cigarette at a really young age – not something I’m proud of, and it really was just the odd one here and there whenever I managed to find one. I moved to America when I was 13 for 6 years and didn’t smoke much over this period, but if there was ever an opportunity to smoke, I’d always take it up.

    I moved back to the UK at around 19 years old and became a regular smoker. I was never a heavy smoker. Most days I’d smoke around 7-10 roll-ups a day, but on the weekend I could smoke double this, especially if I had been out drinking that weekend.

    In my early 20’s I never really felt I much reason to give up smoking. As a typical guy in his 20’s I didn’t give my health too much thought. Not seriously anyway. The only time I REALLY felt like quitting was when I played sports (which wasn’t all too often by the time I left school at 18).

    I realised how unfit I was and knew that smoking wasn’t helping when I became short of breath. Up until I hit my mid 20’s, being short of breath was my biggest motivation to quit smoking. And while I did give it several attempts, the desire to quit would soon diminish if I hadn’t been active again with sports.

    I decided to try and give up smoking for the first time in 2005. I went to see my GP who suggested I try nicotine patches or gum. I tried both, and I didn’t get on with either of them. The nicotine patches irritated me, and I began to find it difficult to sleep. I’ve never really been a fan of chewing normal gum and the taste of the nicotine gum was a big turn-off so these didn’t work for me either.

    After failing to give up in 2005 I made the odd attempt to quit over the next few years. I tried going cold turkey while other times I tried other remedies like the inhaler and patches again in hopes that they might work, but nothing did the trick for me and I continued to smoke.

    I first learned about electronic cigarettes in 2008. I was a little skeptical since not a great deal was known about them and they were not anywhere near as common to see as they are now-a-days. After doing as much research as I could on them I decided I’d give them a go.

    The first e-cigs I tried didn’t work too well for me, but this was mostly due to the poor battery quality. I resorted back to smoking and was back and forth on the e-cigs trying new one’s out but the quality was never really good enough for them to become a permanent substitute for my nicotine cravings.

    By 2011 my reasons for quitting became more about the younger generations growing up in the family than just my shortness of breath. I now had young cousins and god-children looking up to me, and my granddad passed away in his mid-60’s due to ill health that was partly related smoking. I decided at this point that I was going to make this work.

    The first good starter kit I tried became a major breakthrough for me and my vaping experience. It was recommended to me by a friend: Jac Vapour PCC V1P kit, which i got with an extra battery, a portable charging case and some pre-filled cartridges.

    Jac’s website looked good, the kit had some positive reviews, so I decided to make the purchase. When I received the kit I was like a child on Christmas day. Excited to open the package and hoped that this would be the day I never smoked a cigarette again.

    When I began using the PCC I got on well with it. When I look back and compare it to what I use now, it doesn’t seem as good as what I thought it was, but at the time it was the best thing since sliced bread to me. The battery lasted long enough, the cartomizers were not too inconvenient, and the flavours were good.

    There were two critical factors that made ‘not smoking’ doable for me: the e-cigarette battery life, and the flavour of the cartomizers / e-liquid. If these two didn’t work well for me then I was always going to go back to smoking.

    After around 6 months or so the batteries were wearing down and ddin’t last long enough. I was vaping 24/7, having only touched a cigarette on the odd drunken occasion that I was out. It was time for me to move on from the PCC kit. I moved to an ego style pen for their much larger battery and e-liquid capacities. It was also much more convenient to use.

    My first ego pen really did change my life. The bigger battery meant I could vape all day without having to re-charge, and the clear tank showed me how much e-liquid I had and it was so much easier to monitor and re-fill when compared to the cartomizer.

    I always made sure I had enough e-liquid in the tank and a spare battery just in case the one I was using failed. This meant I was able to become a full-time vaper, whatever the circumstance. It was just what I needed at the time to help me avoid the temptation of going back to smoking. And it worked.

    My vaping experience seemed to get better and better as I continued to upgrade my equipment over the years. I moved on to a Personal Vaporiser, which gave me even longer battery life and more enhanced flavour from my favourite e-liquids.

    I have tried and tested dozens of kits over the years, some of which have been great while others have performed badly. At the time of writing this I’m currently vaping on numerous devices which will soon be posted on and But my current favourite device is the RX2/3 and Snowwolf 200W TC.

    I am confident that I’ll never resort back to traditional cigarettes and my days playing sport are much more enjoyable as my breathing has improved considerably. If you’re thinking about giving up smoking, my advice would be to find an e-cig that has a good battery life, and always have a back-up battery. Experiment with e-liquids until you find one you really really like.

    I can’t stress how important it is to have an e-liquid that you like if you’re going to improve your chances of success using e-cigs. The craving to smoke will be there for some time, especially in the morning if you are a morning smoker and after a meal if you tend to smoke after a meal, like I did.

    These were the hardest times for me. The easiest way to overcome the cigarette craving is to have confidence in your e-cig and start vaping as soon as you get a craving. The craving will soon disappear and you’ll feel good about the fact you didn’t resort back to toxic smoke!

  • Frazam

    I had my first cigarette when I was 12 years old, but only fully took up smoking when I was 14. I used to smoke maybe 3 sticks a week then. As the years progressed, so did the frequency of my smoking. I used to be a professional musician, a recording artist. Touring around the country meant many sleepless nights, which also meant hundreds, if not thousands, of sticks smoked.

    For 19 years, I smoked. Before I took up vaping, I was smoking a pack and a half of Marlboro Reds. I started feeling lazy, I had no energy, my clothes and breath stunk, the morning after always had me hacking up phlegm, and I had shortness of breath even if I was lying down. A change was needed.

    My good friend was pioneered the vaping industry here, bringing over the first e-cigarettes. I ordered one for myself, an e-pipe (so I’d look dapper). This was around 2011. Fortunately, as soon as I received my e-pipe, i finished off the last of the pack I had and started vaping. I never bought a pack of cigarettes again. In the 6 years since I started vaping, I only touched cigarettes about 3x. This was only because my battery died and I was craving, or I got curious what cigarettes tasted like again. In those three times, I found the taste disgusting, and didn’t finish the stick.

    I started out with tobacco-flavored e-liquids, moving on to fruity stuff. I recently acquired a taste for menthol, and have lowered my nic content down to 3mg (I started out at 18mg). I still have 12mg tobacco flavored liquids here in case I crave for a nice hit, but I mostly use low nic juices now.

    The money I’ve spent on mods I’ve gone through would be enough for a downpayment for a nice car now, but I have no regrets. I’ve successfully kicked the smoking habit and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

    For those looking to quit smoking, try vaping. Use the highest nic content if needed. It won’t be the same at first, and vaping is not a magic pill to have you quit outright though. Know that you still need to practice willpower to successfully quit. In time, maybe a week or so of exclusive vaping, you’ll find the taste of cigarettes disgusting (though this might take longer for some). Bottom line, stick with it. We all know smoking is bad, it’s all on us to kick the habit for good.

    • natasha

      Hi Frazam,

      I’m Natasha, a journalism student from the University of Hong Kong. I was wondering if I could use your experience and quote you in my story just for academic publication. Also, it would be great if I can ask you a few follow-up questions.

      ([email protected])